Shirts and Jackets for Hiking and the Great Outdoors

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Since the upper part of your body carries all of your vital organs, it is important that you wear proper shirts and jackets while on your great outdoor living adventures. All great outdoor living clothing sold at outdoor stores are important for the different parts of your body. When it comes to your torso, you’ll need to make sure that you are wearing something that will protect it in every way possible. The three-layer system is most commonly used for protecting the torso during great outdoor living hikes and camping. There are different types of shirts and jackets you can choose from for your great outdoor living experience.


Base layer and thermal undershirts are great for extracting moisture and keeping you dry. They are very durable, lightweight and dry quickly. Most of these undershirts are long-sleeved. If you’re looking for something a bit cooler for your great outdoor living escapade, you can go with short or long sleeve t-shirts. These are mostly made out of cotton and can be found in casual clothing sections of great outdoor living stores. If you can find some that are moisture-wicking, you can use them as undershirts as well. Button down shirts are great for warm weather outdoor living experiences because they are lightweight and are usually made with fabrics that have UV protection, moisture-wicking qualities and awesome ventilation.

If you need something that will keep you warm, you can store fleece shirts and jackets in your backpack. These are perfect for wet and cold weather conditions since they dry quickly and have a great insulation layer. You can wear fleece shirts with an outer shell, since the shirts don’t have pockets. Fleece jackets offer pockets and can be worn without an outer shell. Looking for outer shells for your great outdoor living experience? Then you can choose between soft shell jackets, hard shell jackets and mountaineering jackets. The soft outer shell is less water proof than a hard-shell jacket, but has more flexibility and ventilation. If you need more arm movement, you can wear a soft shell for skiing, bouldering and rock climbing.  If you need more protection against rain and strong winds, the heavy shell jacket is a better choice — it also keeps you dry on the inside. For the coldest of cold weather conditions, you’ll want to consider a mountaineering jacket for your great outdoor living adventure. They offer equal insulation for your body — you can also buy it with pants made with the same fabric.

Last on the list for great outdoor living escapades are full body suits. This can be chosen as an alternative to mountaineering jackets and pants. Body suits better encapsulates air that is around your body. It offers the best ventilation, insulation, water resistance and moisture-wicking properties. Mountaineering jackets and pants are best for extremely cold conditions. You can find all of these clothing at great outdoor living stores.

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