Purchasing Tickets Online for Popular Sports Events

Annual sports events, especially the highly anticipated ones, sell out quickly. Most, like the Super Bowl, for example, are sold out several months prior to the event. Getting last minute tickets by legal means is next to impossible. Those that do get tickets close to the date of the event, end up paying two or three times the original price of the seats. Planning well in advance will ensure tickets are available, and that pricing is not extremely high.

Getting tickets online can be quicker and less expensive than getting them from the venue, or a ticket outlet. Customers will want to compare sites for seating availability, pricing, and added charges. That can save customers a lot of money. It is not uncommon for sites to add a surcharge, for example, for sending out tickets. Be careful because some sites add that surcharge on to each ticket purchased, rather than on the total purchase. That adds up quickly.

Hidden fees may also be added onto purchases at the checkout process. Pay close attention to the total before providing credit card information. If there are any discrepancies in the total shown and what you think it should be, suspend or cancel the transaction and try another site.

There are some sites that sell tickets to the same events year after year. Those typically offer the best pricing, and do not add hidden fees. They also offer additional information about the event, transportation, area accommodations, and local restaurants. The National Finals Rodeo (NFR), for example, is held in December at the University of Nevada campus in Las Vegas. Tickets for nfr 2017 are already starting to sell out. The venue holds 17,000 fans each day for ten days.

Pricing for seat varies depending on the section chosen, the location of the seats within that section, and the day of the week. Pricing between a weekday session and a weekend session, for example, is double in each section. The balcony section includes the most cost-effective seats, followed by the plaza section. The four available rows of “Golden Buckle” seating command premium prices. Get tickets early if this event is of interest because they will most likely be sold out before December.