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Utility Mapping: A Guide. Before any project is accomplished, it requires undergoing a surveying and a mapping process so as to give a clear view of how the land will affect the project Project mapping and surveying is one of the most important aspects of any project That’s where Utility Mapping comes in. Utility Mapping is a Sydney located company that offers mapping, surveying, utility locating, non-destructive digging to various markets and sectors such as geotechnical, environmental, utilities, facility management, and infrastructure. Utility Mapping is recognized as one of the most established and well organized organizations in its industry. The company has undergone tremendous changes and has managed to emerge as the market leader. The following is a brief explanation of their core services. Utility Surveys:
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Searching for the known and unknown structures underground has been greatly influenced by the use of geophysical, electromagnetic, and high-frequency induction technologies. The company boasts itself on its achievements and success rate in offering survey and mapping solutions in the industry.
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Bim and Cad Modeling The Computer aided modeling and 3D solutions has enabled it to map and present the information in real-time. Utility Mapping puts enfaces on recruiting the best skilled and experienced laborforce in the market. The teams understand what is required of them when dealing with 3D modeling projects. Survey and Non-destructive Digging Safety and speed is vital in this line of work and non-destructive digging offers this option. This technique has allowed experts to collect important data regarding the utility such as size, type and configuration. Ground penetrating radar services has aided in important data preservation. Geographic Information System (GIS) and Augview: Utility Mapping successfully launched their augmented reality application. The application is known as Augview. The application has made it easy for infield decision making. Concrete Scanning Reinforced steel and in-concrete utilities requires high-level technology when dealing with them. This combination of technology helps avoid problems with various elements when cutting. Quality Insurance and Safety Utility Mapping specializes on its core values of ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Utility Mapping has always showed support to environment protection and preservation. It ensures that all the technology and procedures undertaken to carry out its daily business are environmentally approved. It has also helped to spread awareness regarding environment conservation. Utility Mapping through its services has allowed preservation of important data and information. By deploying and using their technology, projects can now be broken down into manageable tasks. Utility Mapping has consolidated its place in the market as a leader. You can get more information about the company by visiting their website or by searching “Utility Mapping Sydney on your search engine.