Best Tips for Choosing The Most Elegant Earrings For Your Look

Looking good in your evening gown or your everyday garb is an important thing for all women to do. However, sometimes it can be difficult finding the right accessories that accent your look. Today, we’re going to help you to discover the best earrings that will compliment your look every time.

Take The Shape Of Your Face Into Account 

Have you ever noticed that one pair of earrings goes really well and the next just doesn’t seem to at all? This is most likely due to their different shape and the shape of your face. Those with a round face should opt for dangling earrings and should avoid hoops or other circular earrings as these will only increase the roundness. If you have a long and narrow face, you should opt for clustered earrings and hoops which add more width to your face. Those ladies with a heart-shaped face should opt for teardrop earrings that are wider at the bottom part to help balance their face.

Fit Your Personality 

Yes, you can style your earrings to fit your personality type. If you are more of an artsy or creative person, you may prefer long dangling earrings full of vibrant colors. Those who are more classic will opt for gold, silver, or diamond hoops and studs that never go out of style. If you are more of a dramatic person, earrings that have square, triangular, rectangular, or straight edges will fit you best. If you are more of a shy individual, it’s likely you’re going to feel most comfortable in small and simple earrings.

Take Your Hair Color Into Account 

Your hair color can alter how a pair of earrings will stand out or not stand out. If you have dark hair, a more platinum look will suit you well as it will allow your earrings to stand out against your dark background. Those with blond hair can accent their look with gold earrings which turn out to be more flattering than other colors. Redheads can look great in gold and rose gold earrings. As a rule of thumb, the lighter your hair the closer to gold you want to get and the darker your hair, the closer to silver or platinum you want to get.


If you have certain metal sensitivities, they’re obviously going to affect which type of earring metal you purchase. For those who have abandoned earrings due to metal sensitivities, you may want to try medical plastic earrings. This material is safe to be used in the body and is a great alternative to those who have nickel or silver allergies. You can check here to learn more about these specially designed earrings.

As you can see, there are many factors that contribute to finding the perfect earrings to complement your look. We highly encourage you to play around with the tips above. We are sure that you will be overly ecstatic when you realize just how good you look when you find the perfectly accented earrings for your look.